How to wear it in spring? This article is definitely right!


In the warm March of spring, ClothingZone received many questions from newcomers about their workplace and interview attire, stating that they did not know how to make a good impression on interviewers or colleagues through their attire during the upcoming spring recruitment. Don't worry, ClothingZone has prepared three dressing guides for you to help you win a good impression in the workplace.

Pendant material

Improve professional temperament, upright and sharp

When it comes to workplace wear, the most common is a shirt. Especially in the upcoming warm spring, the attendance rate of shirts can be said to be very high! When choosing a shirt, Jimei people can choose a draped shirt made mainly of silk and chiffon. It not only looks full of texture, but most importantly, whether paired with pants or skirts, it can well present the upright and upright feeling of the body.


Simple colors

Demonstrate a personal atmosphere, low profile and brilliant

In the workplace, simple colors have always been a highly respected color matching rule! Like the previously popular black and white and gray matching method, or the Morandi color matching method, both are good choices. Jimei people can choose low saturation clothing colors in interviews or daily workplaces to give others a comfortable visual experience.

Appropriate accessories

Increase layering and win favor

Choosing appropriate accessories can serve as the finishing touch for the overall collocation and enhance the overall modeling level and texture. Clothing Zone recommends that babies can choose accessories such as collarbone chains and wristwatches to decorate their overall appearance in the workplace or during interviews. The compact clavicle chain can well modify the neck and highlight the charm of girls' curves; Accessories such as wristwatches can give people a sense of time perception and increase the popularity of the workplace~

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