Dressing skills


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White complexion - wear yellow color:

The gene color proposed by ClothingZone is to use skin color to distinguish the color that suits you. People with white skin color should use yellow color, such as orange, goose yellow, Türkiye blue, olive green, etc.

The skin color is ruddy and healthy - wear blue color:

For those with ruddy and healthy skin, it is suitable to use blue colors, such as chili red, lake water green, ocean green, water blue, lemon yellow, etc.

The basic color of clothing is recommended as no. 1 - khaki or camel:

Khaki is very suitable for orientals with a yellow tone in their skin tone, especially since this color can easily blend with other colors.

Recommended basic colors for clothing No. 2-Gray:

Gray is a color that is not easy to make mistakes. It is also very suitable for the main color of clothing, neutral gray, and the extensibility of collocation  It's also very big.

Recommended basic color of clothing No.3 - dark blue:

Dark blue is the color that many men like to choose, but it is suitable for people with reddish skin.

The basic color of clothing is recommended as no. 4 - Espresso:

Dark coffee is an honest and calm color, like khaki, which is very suitable for people with a yellow skin tone.

Color matching suggestions for the main color of khaki:

Upper body - goose yellow, rice white, coffee, champagne, pink orange, apricot yellow, apple green.

Color matching suggestions for gray as the main color:

Pair with chili red, pure pink, sapphire blue, water blue and grape purple.

Consideration of body shape and figure:

Slender body - wear high color and bright color. People who are not tall - wear clothes with simple lines, plain colors and emphasis on waist.

Color Matching for Dating:

The lower part of the body is khaki, while the upper part represents emotional orientation. Wearing pink orange or apricot yellow is conducive to emotional expression. Or wear gray on the lower body, pink on the upper body, or peach with green apple green.

Color matching at work:

Wear dark coffee with red. Dark coffee is safe and stable. The lower part of the body represents mobility, and red represents ambition. It is suitable for business personnel. Or brown pants and olive green tops can convey stability and loyalty. In addition, light gray with wine red, chocolate color, or water blue, dark blue shirt is also quite good.

Casual wear color:

Wear light gray on the lower body and pink, mint green, sea blue, milky white or pure white on the upper body. Or wear khaki drawstring pants, cotton wide discount pants, and light yellow, light green, green apple green, or off-white, whichever color can relax the mood.

Recommended accessories:

Medium-sized scarves can match the colors in clothing, such as red, purple, gray, camel, blue, dark green, etc., as well as various styles of hats.

Coffee or brown belt:

Be prepared to have different width and width, especially don't confuse the belt of jeans and trousers.

White shirt with good texture:

White can set off the texture and color of patterned accessories.


Dressing skills

Generally speaking, it is not advisable to have a dark upper garment color and a light lower garment color, which can give the impression that the head is heavy and the feet are light.

If the top is checked or striped, the skirt should not be of the same pattern, but of a single color. On the contrary, if the skirt is flowered, then it should be matched with a plain shirt.

Colorful shirts should not be worn under a coat, especially for gay men. If you wear a floral shirt directly on the outside, the effect will be much better. If the outside is formal and solemn, the shirt inside should be light and plain.

The upper and lower materials should be close to each other. "If the upper body is made of stiff wool and the lower body is made of fabric pants without trouser lines, it will definitely appear nondescript.".

The patterns of upper and lower clothes should also be consistent. If the Chinese women's outerwear is worn with a suit skirt, it is obviously inappropriate.

Wear a straight jacket or a women's blouse with wide hem, not a wide skirt.

If you wear a sports shirt, you'd better wear a suit, and you should also wear sports shoes on your feet, so that you can look energetic and coordinated. Never wear a uniform on the top and a pair of sports pants on the bottom.

The pants should not be made of fabric with horizontal stripes.

If you wear a sweater on the upper body, the pants or skirt on the lower body should also be made of heavy material, which can be matched.

It is better not to wear silk clothes inside the sweater. First, it is easy to damage the silk clothes. Second, it is inconsistent with the texture of the sweater, which makes people feel very uncomfortable.

The easiest way to match the color of socks is to make the color of socks close to the skin color.

If you wear slim and compact high heels, it is best not to wear thick socks. Conversely, thin socks should not be paired with sneakers and thick boots.