2023 popular women's wear


What are the popular elements of 2023 new women's wear?

Knitted fabric

Knitted fabrics and texture structure are the main trend of knitwear in this quarter, and the technology of mottled mud-gray and quilting led this trend. The colorful image inlay technology creates distinctive patterns, and the luxurious double-sided fabric knitwear reflects the high-end high-quality feeling.

Three-dimensional knitted fabric

Quilted knitwear still leads the fashion trend, and circular circular quilting patterns begin to emerge, which deduces a more common geometric quilting style on sweater shirts. The texture structure of the double-sided fabric is in sharp contrast. The combination of heather pastel color and classic gray enhances the overall effect.

Patterned knitted fabric

The texture structure of variegated blended knitwear, spinning knots and rough spinning look like dirt.